• Of the 56 huawei concept companies that have released the medium report, a total of 46 have achieved profits. In the past month, 887 of the 5,019 institutions surveyed went to huawei industrial chain companies. In the view of analysts, under the impact of sino-us trade friction, huawei's future business will rely more on domestic independent research and development strength, supply chain transfer to China, semiconductor replacement accelerated, can continue to pay attention to huawei's industrial chain investment opportunities.

    After huawei released the "hardcore" semi-annual report, the performance of industrial chain companies behind also attracted attention.

    According to Wind data, among the 56 huawei concept companies that have issued medium reports, a total of 46 have achieved profits, accounting for more than 80% of the total. Among them, the net profit of 6 companies has increased by more than 100%. The performance growth of many companies cannot be separated from the contribution of huawei's related businesses.

    The intensive research of the institution reflects the attention of the market. In the past month, 887 of the 5,019 institutions surveyed went to huawei industrial chain companies. Since 2019, more than 5,052 institutions have opened the door of huawei industrial chain companies.

    In the view of analysts, under the impact of sino-us trade friction, huawei's future business will rely more on domestic independent research and development strength, supply chain transfer to China, semiconductor replacement accelerated, can continue to pay attention to huawei's industrial chain investment opportunities.


    Domestic substitute performance soared

    Since huawei officially announced its "spare tire" plan in May this year, it has been looking for domestic alternatives. At that time, there were many institutions studying and reporting on huawei's industrial chain, especially the investment opportunities of domestic alternatives.

    Time has not passed too long, with the semi-annual report of A shares successively disclosed, A number of huawei concept stock performance has increased significantly.

    Typical representatives, such as guanghong technology co., LTD. (300735.sz), saw 117.45% to 134.62% growth in net profit in the first half;

    Dongfang zhongke (002819.SZ) increased its net profit by 150% to 180%;

    Net profit of hudian (002463) (002463.sz) increased by 123.86% to 154.39%.

    According to dongfang zhongke's performance forecast, one of the reasons for the growth is that enterprises related to 5G communication industry chain increase their investment in research and development and test links, and increase their demand for purchase and service of electronic test products, leading to an increase in orders of major customers in the communication industry, as well as an increase in instrument sales and rental income.

    Zheng dawei, general manager of dongfang zhongke, said at an investor exchange event that the company had maintained cooperation with huawei hayes in the first half of this year under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations.

    Guanghong technology is positioned as a leading EMS enterprise in China, and huawei is the company's largest customer. According to the semi-annual performance forecast of guanghong technology, the production capacity in the first half of the year is expanding orderly, business orders are full, and the company's performance is achieving positive growth, and the profit level is significantly improved.

    On August 20, a senior electronics analyst told 21st century business herald:

    "Previously, flextronics, an American enterprise, contracted for huawei, but cooperation stopped in the first half of this year, and cooperation orders were replaced by other projects. Guanghong technology and shenzhen technology (000021), two companies, undertook a large proportion of huawei's mobile phone OEM business, and the domestic replacement of these two companies is relatively obvious."

    This person predicted that in the future, huawei will tilt its supply chain to domestic suppliers, and the company is expected to import orders with higher value to optimize its business structure. As a strategic major force among future customers, guanghong technology will maintain rapid growth. In terms of production capacity, guanghong technology huizhou phase ii production base was put into production in the second half of 2018, rapidly expanding the production scale, in line with the expansion period of huawei, OPPO and other customers.

    According to an article on the Edge Findings, Hudian is also one of the core suppliers released by huawei. Among PCB manufacturers, the share of hudian and shennan circuit (002916.sz) in huawei exceeds 50%. Shennan circuit also performed well in the first half, with a net profit of about 420 million yuan to 480 million yuan, an increase of 50-70% year-on-year.

    However, the analyst said of the sharp growth of the two companies:

    "This is not due to domestic substitution. The two companies themselves have mastered relatively high-end PCB technology and achieved domestic substitution a long time ago. Huawei basically USES their products.

    Earlier, an executive of a listed company familiar with huawei's industrial chain told reporters:

    "In fact, many domestic enterprises have already met huawei's requirements in terms of technology, but before the sino-us trade friction, huawei and even some state-owned enterprises had no great incentive to change suppliers, which is an opportunity. For these selected domestic substitutes, it's not just the growth of sales, but more importantly, they really become a crucial link in huawei's industrial chain, which means more to the company."

    Judging from the market reaction, the fund's enthusiasm for the huawei concept also appears to be very fanatical. Since January 1, 2019, huawei concept index has gained 34.38%, beating the Shanghai composite index by nearly 20 points.

    People in institutions also praised the concept of huawei. Statistics show that in the past month, 887 of the 5,019 institutions surveyed went to huawei industrial chain companies.

    On August 14 last week, huawei's core supplier, industrial fulian.com (6001138.sh), was surveyed by 147 institutions including IDG capital, boshi fund and caitong fund, and the total number of reception institutions ranked the first in the same period. According to the survey records, institutions are concerned about 5G business, industrial Internet +AI and other hot concepts.

    In addition, zhuo shengmicro (300782.sz), a chinext company based in wuxi, jiangsu province, triggered a phenomenal institutional survey that drew 173 firms on July 28.

    One analyst who participated in the research at the end of July described it this way:

    "In order to ensure effective communication among institutional investors, there are four research conferences, full of people in the afternoon. More than 300 institutional investors, four in a day, the first time in more than a decade of industry analyst experience."

    It is reported that the company mainly has two dozen product types, one is rf front-end products, and the other is the Internet of things products, and the former is the relatively difficult to be replaced by domestic components in huawei's industrial chain.

    When describing its innovation ability, zhuo shengwei said that the company has invented the integrated RF switching method with block format, and is the first to implement RF low-noise amplifier products based on RF CMOS technology.

    In the secondary market, zhuo shengwei is a surprisingly popular degree of capital. It went public on June 18, offering just 35.29 yuan. By August 20, it closed at 296.9 yuan, more than seven times higher than its offering price. The latest performance forecast shows that in the first half of the year, zhuo sheng micro achieved a net profit of 148 to 155 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 112.59% to 122.64%.

    "The company is currently the leading rf front end among listed enterprises, providing investors with relatively large expectations of domestic substitutes in huawei's industrial chain. At the same time, it is a secondary ipo, which provides the expectation of extensive m&a, so it is easier to be chased by capital." "However, compared with similar overseas companies, the company's performance volume is smaller and there may be more hype," a shanghai-based brokerage told reporters on Aug. 20.

    According to the institutional research notes of zhuo shengwei, the questions of institutional personnel are about the company's product innovation, performance growth, the impact of 5G and downstream customers, etc. It is not hard to find that these almost become the common concern of the organization for huawei industrial chain company.

    Do you own any shares related to "huawei concept"? How much has it gone up recently? How long do you think they'll catch fire?

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